• Did Your Basement Flood? Learn How To Properly Drain And Clean It

    A flooded basement is never fun to deal with, and not acting quickly can create a bunch of problems that will lead to an expensive repair. This includes replacing support beams that have been soaked with water and eventually rot. While you cannot always prevent water from flooding a basement, there are things you can do to mitigate the damages. Follow these tips for properly draining the water to prevent damage from being caused.
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  • Kitchen Fire Awareness For Fall: Tips For Avoiding Fires And Permanent Fire Damage

    Cooler weather is coming, and that makes baking in the kitchen far more enjoyable. If you plan to use your kitchen more now that the temperatures outside are dropping, it's important to know how to avoid a kitchen fire and what to do to speed your home's recovery in the event that a kitchen fire occurs. Preventing a Kitchen Fire You're probably familiar with a lot of the standard fire safety tips that can help prevent kitchen fires.
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  • Removal Of Black Mold Damage From Bathroom Floor Joists

    As you already know, black mold colonies in your home are toxic to your family and pets. If you've found the tell-tale signs of black mold on the floor joists in your home's bathroom, then you need to remove the mold and fix any wood rot that is present. The proper procedure to remove black mold from bathroom floor joists is as follows: 1. Dress in Protective Clothing and Shoes
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