Three Signs Your Waterproofing Needs To Be Repaired As Soon As Possible

Posted on: 22 October 2020


Waterproofing is essential for every home. Your family uses water every day to shower, wash the dishes and even do the laundry. You want to be able to do these things without fear that any spilled water will damage the internal structure of the house. Of course, just like everything else waterproofing can malfunction or simply become too old so that it no longer fulfills its purpose. If this happens then it is important you recognize the warning signs before it becomes a major problem. Here are three of the most common signs that your waterproofing needs to be repaired. 


The easiest way to tell that your home's waterproofing has failed (or is starting to fail) is to check underneath where the shower, bathroom, or kitchen are located. If they are on the second or third story, this is quite easy to check, as you simply go to the room underneath. If any of these areas are on the bottom floor, and you don't have a basement, then this can be decidedly trickier to investigate. You are looking for large puddles of brownish-black color, which is what water looks like when it stains construction material. If you see any of this staining whatsoever on your walls or roof, then you need to call for waterproofing replacement or repairs immediately.

 Bad Smells With No Cause

If you seem to always have bad smells when you enter areas of your home that you know should be waterproofed, then you could be smelling the growth of mold or bacteria underneath the tiles or inside the walls. This can happen when waterproofing is cracked, as this allows water to seep into areas of your homes' structure that it was never intended to be in and start to wreak havoc. Always investigate a smell you cannot see, because if it turns out to be something serious, then you want to stop it in its tracks before it can cause harm to your home or even yourself by making you sick. 

Water Dripping Or Leaking Sound

If you can hear water running despite no taps or showers being on, then you might hear the dripping sound of a leak in your waterproofing. It can be very hard to identify where this sound is coming from on your own, which is why most people defer this job to their plumbers and waterproofing experts. Don't let a slow drip or leak drive you crazy, call in an expert and get it patched up so you can get back to enjoying your bathroom.

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