Did Your Basement Flood? Learn How To Properly Drain And Clean It

Posted on: 23 September 2015


A flooded basement is never fun to deal with, and not acting quickly can create a bunch of problems that will lead to an expensive repair. This includes replacing support beams that have been soaked with water and eventually rot. While you cannot always prevent water from flooding a basement, there are things you can do to mitigate the damages. Follow these tips for properly draining the water to prevent damage from being caused.

Shut Down The Electricity

Mixing electricity and water is never a good idea, which is why you should shut down the water at the main breaker box in your home. If your breaker box is located in your flooded basement, use a wood broom handle for flipping the switches to turn off your power. Using your bare hands can potentially lead to electrocution, which can be fatal if you have no alternative but to be standing in water when doing it.

It also helps to wear rubber-soled shoes to avoid electrocution. Standing on thick rubber will not allow the electricity to flow through you to the ground, and can potentially save you from an electric shock.

Use A Submersible Water Pump

Rent or purchase a submersible water pump from a local home improvement store. If necessary, you can power the pump with a generator. Attach a garden hose to the pump, and run it as far away from your home as possible. Ideally, the water should be draining on a slant so that it goes away from your home's foundation.

The pump should be placed in the lowest point of your basement, which is typically near an existing drain in the floor.

Clean Up Excess Water

The water will eventually be drained to a point where the submersible pump is no longer much help. You will have to manually clean up any standing water that is left in your basement. Use a mop and bucket to soak up any water on the floor.

It also helps to get fans running that can circulate the air in the basement. This will dry up the moisture in the air, which will make it less likely for mold to form.

Call In Professional Help

Even if the water appears to be gone, you should call a water damage restoration company, such as Central Flood Management Inc, to help. You may have wood in your basement that absorbed water and needs to be sanitized, which can lead to mold and wood rot.